NY Comic Con 2014

NY Comic Con 2014

Every year, it seems, my hometown show, the New York Comic Con, gets bigger and bigger…and I mean that personally. It seems that every year, I am lucky enough to have a book to sign or something to promote.

This year, I have three.

By now, you know that STRAY is with Action Lab Entertainment, and as a result, it will be where I spend the majority of my time this weekend. I will be appearing with

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Prisoner of None…NOW ON FACEBOOK!

Prisoner of None…NOW ON FACEBOOK!

You can now show your love (or, at the very least, your “Like”) for Prisoner of None on Facebook. We have a fan page that, if you haven’t already checked it out, you’ll want to go to. In the Albums, you will see the entire cast of Chapter Two…yes, even our special fan co-creations!

Also, don’t forget; You can purchase and download Chapter One for $2.99 on Sellfy!

David is working on Chapter Two…

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Top 5 Comics Podcast with Vito Delsante and Ray-Anthony Height

Top 5 Comics Podcast with Vito Delsante and Ray-Anthony Height

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Ray-Anthony Height and I sat down (actually we were standing) with the gents over at Top 5 Comics to talk about Stray, Midnight Tiger and Action Lab Entertainment. It’s a long conversation, but it was a really exhaustive, detailed and candid interview. Take the time and listen…we had a blast and it totally comes through.

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THIS WEEK! Baltimore Comic Con (@baltimorecomics) (Sept 5-7)

THIS WEEK! Baltimore Comic Con (@baltimorecomics) (Sept 5-7)

This week, I will be traveling down to Baltimore, MD for the annual Baltimore Comic Con. BCC is one of the highlights of the year, and I’ve only attended one other time besides this year. This year will be my first as an exhibitor though…more on that in a second.

Anyone who follows me knows that I give high praise to Heroes Con, and that is with good reason. I hold BCC and Marc Nathan, the…

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First off, you should follow my wife, Michelle, here on Tumblr (on Twitter, she’s @mdelsante). This is her first (and hopefully not last) post and it’s an earnest look into the life of a working woman/wife/mother who is trying to find peace. I think we can all relate.


Most of the time lately I don’t even know what day it is, seems as though everyday is a jumble right into the next… it is exhausting! I have been neglecting the important things in life, myself and my family. My parents came to visit for a week, I only spent 1 full day with them. I regret this…