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Captain America Featurette: Sam Wilson - The Falcon

Most excited about this!!!

Yeah, yeah…very sweet. Until you realize she’s doomed to die ON THAT VERY SAME BRIDGE!!!

(see Amazing Spider-Man (vol 1) #121)



Quite honestly, I would do things like this for Emma Stone all the time, regardless of whether or not I was Spider-man or had access to webshooters.


(Source: iheart-stonefield)


Browsing the books that came out this week and looking for something new? What’s this business about #creatorownedday? How about some comiXology Submit books? 

Folks making their own comics and putting them out there. Least you could do is take a peek. That gifset can wait.

How about Deadhorse, World War Mob, or even Misunderstanding Comics? Explore. Love. Live. 

Good Lord, Belle just NAILED it.


It really grinds my gears when guys use names like Scott Summers and Steve Rogers in place of their own, only have pics of those heroes on their profile, and act like misogynistic assbutts. If you truly admired a hero, you’d act like one.



X-Ray Spence cartoon



Requiem for a Robin


A thought crossed my mind. Indulge me for a few…

Tomorrow, readers will find out the “final fate of Nightwing" in the pages of Forever Evil #6. I’ve read this trainwreck since issue 1 because I need to know what happens to Nightwing. Understand something; Dick Grayson is possibly my favorite fictional character in history. In my life. More than Batman, more than Bluto from Animal House, more than Rufus T Firefly. Dick Grayson, the first Robin the Boy Wonder, was the character that, when I discovered him, helped me to make sense of my parents not being together, or more to the point, why my father wasn’t around. I assumed (incorrectly) that he was a crimefighter, and as such, I had to “train” to be his sidekick. I mean, that’s how a kid saw things…particularly this kid. In my life, Robin/Nightwing became my best friend, my brother, and my mirror. So when Infinite Crisis happened and the rumors started swirling that NW would buy the farm, I bought every issue, waiting for the axe to fall. It didn’t. And now, the axe may fall again. I’ll get into my reasons why I don’t think he’ll die in a second…but, look. DC can kill whoever they want. The “New 52” killed the character I knew anyway, so whatever. Does it mean I won’t by a DC Comic if they kill him? Absolutely not. I’ll pick up Jeff Parker’s Batman ‘66…Robin is in that. But I don’t think they’ll kill him. They’ll ruin him to the point of unrecognizability so we’ll want him dead, but they won’t kill him off. And they should kill him off. It’s not the character I love. It’s not the character with, oh, I don’t know, 74 years of history who should be celebrating an anniversary next year.


So who cares? Kill the bird!

We have the dog, now. Everything will be all right.

But understand this. I can’t and won’t defend DC/Warner Bros, and whatever they decide to do with their characters (I mean, they helped Bob Kane to steal Robin from Bill Finger anyway…at the very least, were complicit in creating a system that prevented Finger from getting his due), but yet, I’m not looking to start some grassroots movement to save a character or whatever. I’m just sad that it has come to this. DC struck “gold” after a fashion when they killed Jason Todd in the 80’s and if you think they wouldn’t stoop so low to do it again, you’re wrong. But understand…I wouldn’t even begrudge them for doing it. It’s their prerogative.

But it’s hard…extremely hard…to not feel some kind of sadness about it. After all, for the past 35 or so years, the kid has been family.

(Nightwing by Ron Salas)

You seriously have no idea what a profound effect Crisis had on me. In many ways, CoIE was my first DC comic. Sure, I had owned and bought a few books here and there, the odd Batman or Flash. The very first DC Comic I picked out…you know, not given to me blindly…was an All-Star Squadron. Crisis was like a comic book Woodstock, a cultural touchstone. It separated me from my father and grandfather, after a fashion. But here’s the thing; DC put out Who’s Who almost simultaneously, so all that confusing alternate Earth nonsense that people assume was reader prohibitive wasn’t. I was a kid; I got it. When I worked in retail, readers and coworkers used to say, “You need a college degree to read pre-Crisis DC,” but all you needed were two books.

They’ve restarted and rebooted and retroconned the hell out of their own universe, but it’ll never be this good again.


An article from 1985 talking about the changes at DC after Crisis on Infinite Earths.  

Dammit, Dennis. You just raised the damn bar. Again.


Edison Rex 14 is out and available for download on Comixology!

Not only is the cover an homage to Love and Rockets but the whole dang comic is too! This issue contains several smaller stories exploring the relationships of some of Edison Rex’s supporting characters and interlock to tell a larger story that plays into everything we’ve seen in nearly every issue of Rex so far. It’s also the first appearance of 2014’s character of the year, HUMAN GARBAGE. All for less than a buck, Rexphiles.

I’m really proud of this one!